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EXPRESS ENTRY SYSTEM - Expression of Interest Assessment 2015
Single Applicants

A. Core human capital factors

Core human capital factors have 4 components that a single applicant may be granted a total of 500 maximum points.

1. Age
2. Level of education;
3. Official language proficiency
4. Canadian work experience

A.1. Your Age

17 years of age or less
18 years of age
19 years of age
Between 20 to 29 years of age
30 years of age
31 years of age
32 years of age
33 years of age
34 years of age
35 years of age
36 years of age
37 years of age
38 years of age
39 years of age
40 years of age
41 years of age
42 years of age
43 years of age
44 years of age
45 years of age

A.2. Your Level of Education

In order for a foreign national to be assigned points under “Level of Education”,
their educational credentials must be Canadian educational credentials; or
they must have a valid educational credential equivalency assessment in respect of their foreign educational credentials. Credential assessments are valid for a period of five years from the day on which it is issued.

Less than a secondary school
Secondary school
One-year post-secondary program
Two-year post-secondary program
Three years or more post-secondary program
Two or more post-secondary program and at least one of them was issued at the completion of a post-secondary program of three years or more,
Master degree or at the level of an entry-to-practice professional degree for an occupation listed in the National Occupational Classification matrix at Skill level A for which licensing by a provincial regulatory body is required, and
Doctoral degree

A.3. Official Language Proficiency

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has approved certain agencies to do language testing and provide results for people who apply Canadian immigration programs. These tests are:
CELPIP: Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (For English)
IELTS: International English Language Testing System (For English)
TEF: Test d’évaluation de français (For French)
Language test results must not be more than two years old when CIC receives your application. The test result will be converted to Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) for assigning points as your official language proficiency.

Please see the language conversion table

First Official Language (English or French)
  Speaking Listening Reading Writing
CLB Level 4 or less
CLB Level 4 or 5
CLB Level 6
CLB Level 7
CLB Level 8
CLB Level 9
CLB Level 10 or higher


Second Official Language (French or English)
  Speaking Listening Reading Writing
CLB Level 4 or less
CLB Level 5 or 6
CLB Level 7 or 8
CLB Level 9 or higher

A.4. Canadian Work Experience

Canadian work experience is work experience that;
a. is acquired by a foreign national in Canada in one or more occupations listed in Skill Type 0 Management Occupations or Skill Level A or B of the National Occupational Classification matrix;
b. consists of continuous full-time work experience (minimum 30 hours per week) or the full-time equivalent for part-time work experience; and
c. is acquired within the 10-year period preceding the day on which points are assigned to the foreign national

No Canadian work experience or less than one year of such experience
1 year of Canadian work experience
2 years of Canadian work experience
3 years of Canadian work experience
4 years of Canadian work experience
5 or more years of Canadian work experience

You must prove the language levels you claim on your application with a language test from an authorized testing agency approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

Your application will not be accepted without the originals of your language test results for either English or French that show you meet the required level.